Ceramic window tint vs carbon

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Window tint can feel like a highly complex subject. Well-trained salespeople can play off of emotion and partial truths to pad a sale or even make the sale in the first place. So what is the truth about window tint, and what kind of tint do you need? What window tint to avoid In many … Read more

Window Tint Laws

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At Ceramic Pro Grand Junction, we are not lawyers, but we encourage our customers to follow the window tint laws. As we read it, these laws mean unless you do not tint your front windows, ALL of your windows must allow at least 27% of visible light to come through. In most films this means … Read more

Why Ceramic PRO Is the Best Ceramic Coating Near Me

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Grand Junction is not exactly sports car country. While the car community is growing at a record-setting pace, Grand Junction is F-150, Dodge Ram, and Chevy Silverado country. Is it possible that Ceramic Pro Grand Junction can be the best ceramic coating near me for both the growing car culture and the well-established truck community?

Clear Bra or Paint protection film

Don't Call it a Clear Bra

A clear bra is a cheap piece of vinyl that yellows in a couple of years and cracks. Typically installed by inexperienced dealership staff.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) that is installed as a partial front is often referred to as clear bra but it is so much more. A partial front covers part of the hood and fender while also covering headlights, fox lights, mirrors, and bumper.