Why Ceramic PRO Is the Best Ceramic Coating Near Me

Grand Junction’s Best Ceramic Coatings

Grand Junction is not exactly sports car country. While the car community is growing at a record-setting pace, Grand Junction is F-150, Dodge Ram, and Chevy Silverado country. Is it possible that Ceramic Pro Grand Junction can be the best ceramic coating near me for both the growing car culture and the well-established truck community?

Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings – No Matter what you drive.

The simple answer is yes. How? The best ceramic coating system is not dependent on what you drive but on the paint correction process, top-quality ceramics, and Elite, certified applicators.

Ceramic Pro set the literal Gold standard for over a decade. With a lifetime Gold package ceramic coating. In 2022 they topped that with Ceramic Pro ION and Ultimate ION and limited distribution to Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers.

This new technology utilizes ion exchange to bond permanently with the clear coat and results in a surface that is over 10 times harder than paint alone.

The Best Ceramic coatings are about more than just paint protection

At Ceramic Pro Grand Junction, we know your car or truck is about more than just paint alone. That is why we work to protect the entire exterior

  • All Ceramic Pro ION Packages include MULTIPLE coats of ceramic on paint & plastic trim. This includes all factory trim, running boards, textured plastic, and rubber.
  • The best ceramic coating for paint is also an outstanding coating for glass. All ION packages include our glass coating on all glass surfaces.
  • Chances are if you really love your car or truck you have either upgraded the wheels on purchase or ordered new ones. Are coating packages include wheel faces and calipers and “wheels off” can be added.
  • We also offer interior ceramic coatings, paint protection film, and window tint.
Best Ceramic Coating Near Me