Clear Bra or Paint protection film

2023 terminology for paint protection film, don’t say clear bra

A clear bra is a cheap piece of vinyl that yellows in a couple of years and cracks. Typically installed by inexperienced dealership staff.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) that is installed as a partial front is often referred to as clear bra but it is so much more. A partial front covers part of the hood and fender while also covering headlights, fox lights, mirrors, and bumper.

Ceramic Infused 8 Mil Film will not yellow

Ceramic Pro KAVACA Gloss film is 8 Mils thick,

KAVACA film is available in Gloss or Matte. GLoss is ceramic infused. Neither will yellow

Professionally installed paint protection film should be well aligned and not offset.

What you should know

Before you purchase Paint Protection Film there are a few things you should know

  • Make sure you have a 12 Year National warranty.
  • Make Sure your Gloss fin is ceramic-infused or coated.
  • Know What Edges Will Be Wrapped
  • Make sure a digital plotter is used and that they never cut on paint.