Infographic provided by Auto Detailing 360, A Ceramic Pro Grand Junction Elite Dealer.What Paint Protection do I Need?

Paint Protection – What is it, and how do I know what I actually need?

So, you’ve finally purchased the car of your dreams? Congratulations! But while there’s no greater feeling than leaving the dealership in your brand-new ride, it should be noted that true success comes from sustaining the beauty of your pride and joy for the long haul. Protecting your paintwork is undoubtedly one of the most important steps. 

Auto Detailing 360 can provide a variety of services to protect the paintwork on the car of your dreams, but what paint protection is right for you? Let’s look at the options that can help you on the road to success.

Ceramic Only

Manufactured by Ceramic Pro® and applied by our highly trained experts, the Ceramic Only package delivers the undisputed best automotive coating on the market. It’s perfect for protecting the bodywork, wheels, and glass.

Did You Know:

60% (1) of drivers have their parked cars damaged, with paint scratches being one of the most common.

Ceramic Only Packages

  • ION Is the 
  • Available on cars, SUVs, trucks, and large SUVs.
  • Provided with a 7-year warranty for long-term peace of mind.
  • Twice the durability, integrity, and longevity of traditional ceramic coatings.
  • Ceramic Pro(R) ION with one-step correction is available with same-day service.
  • Ceramic Pro(R) ION with one-step correction is available from $1,299.
  • Includes paint correction, paint protection, and top coat.
  • Also includes all glass and wheel faces.
  • Ceramic Pro(R) with two-step correction available with 1-2 service.
  • Ceramic Pro(R) with two step correction available from $1,499.
  • Includes all of the above but with two step paint correction.
  • Also available as a lifetime package from $1,949.
  • Ceramic coatings do not protect from rock chips and scratches as well as paint protection film. While your vehicle is protected from the elements, it is not protected from rocks.

Clear Bra Only

Clear Bras, also known as  Paint Protection Films, are a low-maintenance solution that can be applied to a range of vehicles. From highway driving to camping trips on the Mesa, properly applied paint protection film will protect your vehicle from rock chips, scratches and more.

Did You Know

A car’s paint can be damaged(2) by bird droppings, acid rain, gas, bugs, tree sap, and other items experienced on daily drives.

Clear Bra Only Packages

  • Provides scratch resistance, self-healing properties, and outstanding gloss.
  • Front bumper package available from just $499.
  • Includes front bumper, headlights, and fog lights.
  • Available from $899 for the partial front clear bra package.
  • Covers front bumper, mirrors, partial hood, headlights, fog lights, and door cups.
  • Also available as a full front package from $2,299.
  • Covers full hood, fender, and bumper as well as the above items.
  • Prevents damage caused by rock chips and similar issues.
  • Paint Protection Film, or clear Bra protects against rock chips and scratches but still leaves the majority of the vehicle unprotected.

Ceramic + Clear Bra 

The Ceramic & Clear Bra package combines the two basic packages to provide a more extensive protection that helps prevent damage caused by everything from rocks to UV exposure. The winning combination will keep your dream vehicle looking its best and keep your mind at ease. 

Did You Know:

UV damage is shown to be one of the most common problems(3), especially in warm climates, and can cause costly damage to your vehicle.

Ceramic & Clear Bra Packages

  • Gives you all the benefits of the Ceramic Pro(R) and Clear Bra packages.
  • Ideal for luxury cars.
  • Provides protection against weather damage, road damage, and vandalism.
  • Available for cars, SUVs, and other larger vehicles.
  • Gives you a discount compared to the two individual services.

Ultimate Armor 

Ultimate Armor is part paint protection film and part ceramic coating, giving your dream vehicle the best protection. It is available in multiple packages, allowing you to achieve the desired level of protection with immediate results. The package is available for a single price of $3.999 ($4,299 large SUVs).

Did You Know:

While cheap car paint jobs can cost a few hundred dollars, larger jobs can cost up to $10,000(4), thus highlighting the benefits of protective measures. 

  • The only lifetime appearance package on the market.
  • Available for vehicles ranging from Porsche to Kia and from Corvette to Toyota. 
  • Protects your entire vehicle with full exterior coverage.
  • Gives you the benefits of a protective film and a ceramic coating.

Ultimate Armor plus Performance / Track package

The perfect solution to give your vehicle the best protection against all chips and cosmetic damage experienced on the road. It combines the Ultimate Armor package with the Performance / Track package to give your vehicle full 360° protection.

  • Covers, full hood, fenders, and bumper.
  • Also includes rocker panels, partial roof, pillars, and partial rear quarter panel.
  • Protection against rock chips, scratches, road debris, oxidation, staining and fading.
  • Ideal for sports cars and luxury vehicles.