Experience the advanced technology and superior protection of Ceramic Pro Kavaca Window Tint Film.

Ceramic Pro Kavaca Window Tint Film: Advanced Technology And Superior Protection

Window tinting: What Is It?

Window tint, a thin film on car windows, serves several functions. Its primary function is to minimize the visible light entering the vehicle, giving privacy and decreasing glare from the sun or headlights at night. Furthermore, window tint provides UV and heat protection, avoiding interior fading and lowering heat accumulation.

Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Film, a technological miracle in window tinting, is now available. This film offers all the benefits of classic tinting while including superior infrared (IR) filtering technology. It effectively blocks up to 96% of infrared heat, keeping your vehicle cooler on hot days while protecting visibility and the inside.

KAVACA Ultimate IR is a luxury window film with advanced nanoceramic technology, blocking 99% of Infrared Radiation. This breakthrough extends to higher VLT percentages, providing up to 95% IR blocking even in 80% VLT films, maintaining your vehicle’s factory OEM look. Ideal for large automotive glass like panoramic sunroofs, KAVACA Ultimate IR sets a new standard for heat-rejecting window films, combining performance and style effortlessly.

KAVACA Carbon X offers the ultimate comfort in carbon window films. Its nano-carbon technology ensures lasting color stability and clear visibility while providing effective heat rejection, glare control, and UV protection without compromising electronic device signals. This film boasts a non-reflective, fade-resistant finish for long-lasting style.

Window tinting: What Is It?


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What Does Window Tinting Do?

UV Protection

Window film protects your vehicle from dangerous ultraviolet radiation by stopping them from entering. This not only helps to preserve the color and upholstery of the inside, but it also decreases the danger of skin injury for you and your passengers.

Enhanced seclusion and Security

Window film gives your car a degree of seclusion, deterring inquisitive glances and potential theft. It also aids in holding shattered glass together in the event of an accident, increasing safety by lowering the likelihood of glass fragments injuring passengers.

Comfortable Interior

Window film significantly decreases heat buildup within the vehicle, making it more comfortable on hot days. It reduces glare, making it easier to see the road and decreasing eye strain, improving overall driving comfort and safety.

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window tint grand junction grand mesa background



The duration of the window tinting process at Ceramic Pro Grand Junction depends on the specific vehicle and the type of window film chosen. Generally, the installation takes a few hours to a full day, ensuring precision and a high-quality finish.
Yes, window tinting services at Ceramic Pro Grand Junction are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from luxury cars and trucks to standard automobiles. Our experts can tailor the tinting options to meet various vehicle types’ unique needs and preferences.
Yes, Ceramic Pro Grand Junction offers warranties on window tinting installations. All of our films include a lifetime, transeferable warranty. These guarantees provide peace of mind by protecting your investment in window tinting.